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better together in the communities where we are active

We promote and apply responsible and sustainable business practices in all our business and community relationships. Our sourcing and innovation programs enhance sustainability throughout the value chain.

Bekaert strives to be a loyal and responsible partner in the communities where we are active. We interact with the local governments in a transparent, constructive way. We do not support political institutions and in our communications, we adopt a neutral position with respect to political issues. We are firmly committed to complying with national legislations and collective labor agreements. Bekaert adheres to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the treaties and recommendations of the International Labor Organization.

Bert De Graeve meets Chinese Premier Li Keqiang in Brussels

In October 2018, Bert De Graeve, Chairman of Bekaert, and a select group of business and political leaders met Chinese Premier Li Keqiang during the Asia-Europe meeting in Brussels (Belgium).

Bert De Graeve_Chinese prime minister
construction guide

Ideal Alambrec Bekaert launched new Construction Guide

In 2018, Ideal Alambrec Bekaert launched its new Construction Guide. This guide is developed for construction workers in order to provide them the tools and best practices for safe construction and construction systems.

The launch included a training program in various cities of Ecuador. 300 people were trained and more trainings are scheduled in 2019. The objectives of the trainings are mainly: good practices, correct use of high quality materials and safety


We wish to thank the Flemish government’s Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship (VLAIO) agency, as well as the Belgian federal government. Their subsidies and incentives for R&D projects involving highly educated scientific staff and researchers in Flanders are essential for maintaining a foothold for R&D activities in Belgium.